[Tip] Solution for ZTE Broadband Modems on Mac OS X Lion 10.7

Solution found! Thanks for sharing Mark! My model is a MF626 and my ISP is vivo (Brazil), but that Vodafone ZTE Driver might work on other ZTE Broadband Modem models and ISPs too. Download the Driver here: http://is.gd/FTaImq

Install it, but don’t use the Vodafone interface, use the Mac OS X Lion Network Preferences, just set up a new connection and you’re ready to go : )

Take a look on the comments below for more detailed information!

[Howto] For Mac users: Share Internet through Wi-Fi with your PS3 without a router (Works with 3G Mobile Broadband Modems)

“Okay, so I know this thread is old, but up to last month nobody had posted a solution to using the internal airport card to share the connection so I said i’d register incase anyone else was googling endlessley to find a solution.

Turn on Internet sharing:

select the network you want to share and share it via airport and give your network a name… set up a 5 digit WEP key if you want protection.

open terminal and type ifconfig en1

This will give you your router number, mine was, it will be listed next to the word inet

next type dig, this will give you your ISP’s DNS numbers (at the very bottom, next to the word server)

On your PS3 open the network settings, scan for your new network, enter the WEP key and configure the IP manually.

Under IP type the router number but add a digit to the last number, in other words, my router was, so I assigned my PS3 the IP

use the standard subnet mask of

enter the router number you found (

enter the DNS numbers found earlier.

MTU = Auto

Proxy Server = Do Not Use

UPnP = doesnt make a difference

and thats it, your done… im using my PS3 with my 3G mobile broadband shared via airport.

EDIT: After a PM I realised I completely left out the Airport settings part.

In Airport settings under TCP/IP select configure IPv4 via DHCP, and under DNS add your ISP’s DNS numbers that you found earlier.”

[Game Review] Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom [XBOX 360]

Spoiler Alert!

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is one of those epic tales that even thought was not very well explored, still can touch your heart. The story looks like a well known cliche: Darkness VS Everything. But don’t be fooled but that inicial impression, despite the cliche part, it’s actually possible to enjoy the story, it’s very emotional, although not explored enough, and Toetl (yeah, only the voice actor can pronounce that), the Majin, is very pure and innocent in heart, like a child, and the nameless hero who Toetl named Tepeu, is a great person and became a great friend to Toetl. That good relationship/bond is fundamental for them to defeat the Darkness. Near the ending, the interaction with the princess Tocci (a dear friend of Toetl too) is really pleasant to see, she acts very mature and is a skilled warrior! The ending is cliche but very good and rewarding, just what the player expect to see. They could have explored it more though.

The game sort of resemble the Team Ico games.

– Innovative gameplay, where you use collaboration with the Majin and it’s powers to beat the levels.
– Epic, formidable and superb soundtrack.
– The graphics/texture are simple and a little bit crisp but very effective in passing a epic mood and feel, and was very well done and polished in technique.
– Lighting and shadow work is amazing.
– Superb voice acting.
– The game is easy, but a balanced easy, enough to make you enjoy the game without frustration.
– Friendship, humanity problems, relation between humans and nature, egoism, lust for power, etc, are well explored themes, although cliche, they’re good points that are always worth and valid to be mentioned, that’s why I’m putting the cliche part in PROS and not in CONS.
– Good game lifespan, I took 18 hours to complete 100% of the game with all items unlocked and objectives beaten.

– Characters story and relationship/bond was not explored enough.
– Tepeu animations was a little “light”, not crude, but like he hadn’t too much weight.
– You have to redo some levels more than twice, to complete 100% of the game, and you have to walk all the way to those levels, portals only become available near the end of the game.

Gameplay: 10/10
Story: 7/10
Graphics: 10/10
Soundtrack: 10/10
Replay: N/A
Multiplayer Experience: N/A
Total: 37/40

[Howto] “Share the Internet from your Mac via Wi-Fi” (Also works with 3G connection)

This Howto was Google Translated from Brazilian to English.

By Rodrigo Muniz

“Suppose you bought an iMac that will stay in the office connected to cable broadband. All you need wireless access to the house over a notebook and a smartphone. Normally what would you do if you had to share this connection through the house? Buy a Wi-Fi router, right?Wrong.

After spending all his savings on a Mac, you can think about saving. With cable connected to your Mac, open System Preferences and go to Sharing.

Internet Sharing in Mac OS | Click to enlarge 

You’ll find a list of services on the left that can be shared, one of which is the Compart.Internet. Go to him, without checking the checkbox that is located beside the name. If already checked, just to be able to disable modify the settings. On the right you probably already have the correct options to start sharing. Make sure that the list Share your connection from theEthernet option is chosen. Farther down the list displayed by using computers to enable theAirPort.

Ideally, you set a password to protect your wireless network. If you are sharing files or do not want someone snooping around your network, this step is required. On second thought, leave an open wireless network is never a good idea.

AirPort Options 

Click the AirPort Options …, name your network (by that name is that your network will be found) and enable the Enable encryption (using WEP).

Security through WEP | Click to enlarge 

Note that the password length will vary depending on the type of Extended WEP key you choose. Unfortunately, WEP is not the best, so choose to use 128-bit and enter a password, which must have 13 digits. Try using a password with digits harder to guess someone as special characters in place of some etra ¬ $. :)

Turn on sharing 

Finally activate the checkbox list on the left of the Compart. Internet. Do not be alarmed by the warning that is displayed, click and enjoy.

Bonus: Share 3G connections

This also works for sharing 3G via Wi-Fi connections, if you have a 3G modem connected to your Mac, just choose the name of the modem instead of Ethernet. Great for those who meet with clients in areas without Wi-Fi and want to make an average of offering free access.”

[Tip] FormulatePro: Edit PDFs easily on Mac OS X with this Free and Open Source app

“FormulatePro helps you open and write on PDF documents. You can fill out any PDF form document, drop in graphics, scribble with the mouse or a tablet, save and print.

FormulatePro requires Mac OS X version 10.4 Tiger or higher.”

[Tweaks] “Improving VLC Player load times of .MKV files on Leopard and Lion”

“Ever notice that MKV files load significantly slower than before in VLC on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)? I did, and for someone who has a lot of media files encoded in the format, it’s almost unusable to have to wait a minute while seeing the CPU on one core maxed out. The version of VLC player I have is 1.0.3, the latest as of this post. However, the issue seems to be around since at least 1.0.1 as discussed on this page:http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=64302&start=15

The fix is pretty simple assuming you are not scared of entering a command in the terminal:

  1. Open terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app)
  2. Copy and paste this: ‘sudo chmod a+w /usr/X11/var/cache/fontconfig’ without the quotes
  3. Enter your admin password (for most people, that’s just your current account’s password if you are an admin)
  4. Open a .MKV file and close it after it starts playing
  5. Now open any .MKV file again and things should be as snappy as before!”