[Tip] Solution for ZTE Broadband Modems on Mac OS X Lion 10.7

Solution found! Thanks for sharing Mark! My model is a MF626 and my ISP is vivo (Brazil), but that Vodafone ZTE Driver might work on other ZTE Broadband Modem models and ISPs too. Download the Driver here: http://is.gd/FTaImq

Install it, but don’t use the Vodafone interface, use the Mac OS X Lion Network Preferences, just set up a new connection and you’re ready to go : )

Take a look on the comments below for more detailed information!

67 thoughts on “[Tip] Solution for ZTE Broadband Modems on Mac OS X Lion 10.7

    1. Mark, thank you very very much!! That worked like I charm! : D
      All I had to do was install it, default options, reboot and bang! Internet on my 64 bits Lion! ˆˆ Since I always used Mac OS X network properties to connect and not the actual driver GUI.

      I use an ZTE MF626 from vivo (Brazil), working perfectly.

    2. Thanks so much. I use an ZTE MF626 from vivo (Brazil), working perfectly. I choose A1 in vodafone when it started. The OSX Lion on Powerbook system reconized the modem then i configured it as instructions and it worked perfectly. Thanks again.

    1. Don’t use the Vodafone interface, use the Mac OS X Lion Network Preferences, just set up a new connection and fill it up, like you did before on Leopard, on your T-Mobile official interface, but now just do it manually, using the Mac OS X Lion Network Preferences.

      *99# should go as the “Telephone/Dial number” or similar.

    1. yogi,
      we are on the same boat here: Lion on SmartFren via ZTE AC682.
      but ever since I boot into 32-bit mode, the modem works just fine.
      try it.
      power up your mac, press number 3 & 2 on your keyboard IMMEDIATELY and keep pressing until you are on the log in page.
      if you want to boot into 32-bit permanently, type this command in Terminal:

      sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386

      read this for future reference:

      or, if you rather use XL Axiata, it’s fine, too… their driver already work perfectly in 64-bit…

      me? I want to give it a try with the “updated” driver although I’m not sure whether it’ll work for AC682…

      Kernel_Panic, thank you for scouring the driver. will give it a go.

      selamat mencoba, ya…

  1. Hi guys!

    I now found a solution on how to connect the new ZTE MF820D in Lion. As some people already said – you can create a manual connection, but if you still are having problems with authentication you can try this. My modem was compatible with Samsung (GPRS/3G) so by choosing that i got an option to enter an APN (access point name). This is critical for many providers (for example Telia in Sweden). Just find out your APN and enter it here – for Telia it is: online.telia.se. Cheers!

  2. I have a ZTE MG820D and a MacOS 10.6.8. I don’t have any application (on Mac or on the modem) that can even identify the modem.
    I guess, I need modem and/or .pkg file to enable me to connect to a network in Norway !
    Help appreciated

  3. i have a mac book air and use a zte mf 100 modem with vivo in brazil. i used the vodafone driver solution, rebooted, let the vodafone software pop up, shut it down, open the little vivo crap software and it worked perfectly!! thanks everybody

  4. Works perfect with Simyo Spain and ZTE MF637. Configured with dialnumber *99# and acces point name gprs-service.com.
    Thank you!!!

    1. can you share your connections settings in mac network settings?

      I have mac air and mf626 and i failed with settings


  5. Dudes, help me please… I don’t know what i have to install! If it is in my Mac or in the driver. Someone could tell me how to do it?


  6. We are currently in Mexico cruising on our sailboat. Have a ZTE MF626 stick that is now no longer compatiable with my wifes newly upgraded Mac book operating system 10.7.2.

    We have downloaded the suggested data for system 10.7.2 from http://is.gd/FTaImq using my Windows 7 system onto a memory stick,

    Transfered to the Mac we did the install.
    When Vodaphone asked for loaction we left A1 in the box.

    Once installed we rebooted

    When restarted the vodaphone software came up and the Banda Ancha (Mexico Telcel) software was no where to be seen.

    Confused at this point we uninstalled the Vodaphone software and reinstalled the Banda Ancha from the stick. Will not work becuase of the OS 10.7.2

    When reinstalling the Banda Ancha my wife saw the banda ancha window showed the number to be *99#

    As you can tell I am not a MAC person but a windows dude

    Any suggestions?

    If so could they be step by step as we are both non technical MAC people

    Thank You


  7. Ok got it to work! Reinstalled it and then entered the *99# so you can add the Mexican Telcel network to your list!



  8. Mine is ZTEMF100, i’ll give a try with this driver. I come back to say if it works okay in my case. :) But… See, in this link u gave us what is the version i should download?

  9. Any idea on how to solve the issue for a ZTE MF192 bought from Orange in France which won’t install properly on a MacBookPro using Lion 10.7.3 ???

  10. hello all,
    huge request, please solve my problem.
    i am using ZTE AC2746 modem in india with MTS service provider.
    i get connected to internet but the macbook freezes with a warning image to power off the computer by pressing power button and restart later.
    i guess it is kernal panic.
    please help, i will be very grateful to u all..

  11. HELP PLEASEEEEeeeee, Im using a MAC book pro 10.7.3 is there any way to make it compatible with Telstras MF626?

  12. Please help I have a MF 190J modem stick from TMN Portuguese telecom, when I plug it into my Mac powerbook G4 running OS X 10.5.8 nothing happens – no red or green light, no indication that the thing is plugged into the laptop at all. It worked once then nothing more – what do I do?

  13. I am from Brazil and I am a customer of the VIVO iso and I am using an old ZTE MF100 usb modem provided by VIVO. I am currently running Mountain Lion. I could not connect to the internet with standard vivo software. Following the instructions of this page I downloaded Vodafone drivers and set up a new connection manually on the mountain lion network settings. It worked pretty well except for the fact that the OS does not save the settings, so each time I remove the modem from the USB port I have to set up a new connection on system settings all over again. Is there a way to configure the connection so that the OS will remember it permanently? It’s pretty annoying to have to configure the damn ISP settings every single time I remove the modem from the computer. Please give me some insight on this. Thanks a bunch!!! Cheers from Aracaju-SE-BR.

    1. Hello Nivalmir,

      When you press “Create a new service” on the “+” button, create the config as indicated, and then press “Apply”, OS X should remember the settings forever, until you delete it manually, it doesn’t matter which hardware are plugged in, it should remember the settings. Did you do these steps in that order? If it just vanishes, might be a bug in OS X. Have you downloaded the latest updates for OS X? And the latest Vodafone driver? Did you tried to create the settings without the modem plugged in? If not, try that.

  14. hello.. i have a ZTE ac8700 wireless modem for bsnl india. i use osx mountain lion which i had upgraded from snow leopard. According to the instructions from this website: http://udawatabhimanyu4.wordpress.com/how-to-bsnl-evdo-on-mac-os-x-snow-leopard/ it worked successfully in snow leopard but stopped working in mountain lion since the upgrade.. i tried following the same steps on mountain lion (while backing up the kexts from the original installation) but didnt work. i even tried searching through many forums, driver softwares of different providers for ZTE … my product id is 0x6000 and the vendor id is 0x05c6 . i m an advanced pc user, but not much into mac and linux..but im ready to learn.. please help!

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  16. It worked for me. I have a ZTE100 usb from Tigo Colombia. I installed Mobile Connection Manager directly from the modem installer. At this point modem is not recognized when connected. Then I installed Vodafone Software. The modem is now recognized and the Tigo software worked just fine. SO is Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4

  17. I have mf 181 modem when i put this modem usb device not recognized msg indicate but didnt work plz help me

  18. Hi,

    I’m trying to get my Mac to recognize my Airtel India ZTE modem. I’ve run the installer, i can see that the computer recognizes that a ZTE usb device is plugged in, but when I go to network settings I don’t see anything with the name ZTE or Airtel. The dialer simply said ‘No Device Found’. Can someone tell me if this is something I can fix on my end, or does Airtel need to get involved… FYI, Airtel is the mobile network operator in India that i bought the data card/connection from.


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